Products & Services offered at Sintrax Instruments:

- No evaluation fees for all repairs estimates.
- Cleaning & minor adjustments are free of charge on all calibrations
- Recall program: we will contact you approximately 30 days prior to your next   calibration   cycle with a follow-up confirmation letter to assure your instruments   are calibrated on time.

Lab Traceability
Our environmentally controlled laboratories consist of automated state-of-the-art master units that are traceable to NIST using documented procedures such as: Manufactures, ANSI, Military ISO and National Research Council of Canada. Customer specifications can be utilized if they are provided in writing. Standards used in calibration will have accuracy at least 4X that of the test instruments being calibrated. In any instance where this is not possible, the customer will be notified before proceeding.

Certificate of Calibration

Each certificate of calibration will include the following at a minimum: Customer Name, Instrument Manufacturer Model, Serial Number and Description, Date Calibrated, Calibration Due Date, Calibration Environment ( Temperature, Relative Humidity and Barometric Pressure), List of standards used on the calibration and the signature of the Technician. Listing before and after data is part of our normal calibration procedure when the instrument is returned.

Complete Repairs Capabilities

Our factory trained specialized technicians work quickly and accurately to reduce downtime and take the appropriate action to detect failure down to components level, to provide significant savings over replacement.

Turnaround Time
Normal turnaround for calibration is 3 to 5 working days. Customer will be notified of repairs costs prior to proceeding unless previously authorized.

Our computerized scheduling program automatically notifies customers of recalibration due dates.

All components of repaired equipment are guaranteed to be free defects for a period of 1 year. Defective equipment returned to Sintrax Instruments during the warranty period be repaired and returned free of charge.

Professional Fast Service
Sintrax Instruments offers world-class calibration services for instruments from hundreds of manufactures. All of our calibrations are traceable to NIST and comply with manufacturers specifications. Each instruments calibrated will be returned with a certificate of calibration listing before and after readings of the instrument, at no additional charge. Individual quality requirements certification is also available.

Why have your instruments certified?
With today’s high quality standards such as ISO and QS9000, many companies have to modify their quality control procedures. A minimum annual certification allows your company to keep your instrument(s) running smoothly and at their optimum efficiency. With regular certification not only will you be maintaining the long-life of your instrument(s), but you will be guaranteeing accurate and reliable results every time.